2023-24 School Profile

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Mission Statement

  • Hillside High School commits to inspire students to become globally aware citizens, lifelong learners, and responsible leaders in their communities.  This will be accomplished by creating challenging learning experiences that emphasize collaboration, critical thinking, and respect for all people.  

Vision Statement

  • A professional learning community that cultivates confidence and high achievement in all of its learners.  

Hillside High School Core Values






HHS School Creed

  • To be the best, I begin by thinking I am the best. 

    When I begin thinking I am the best, I come to know that I am the best. 

    Because I know that I am the best, I will always think, speak, and behave as the best. 

School Song Verse


    Hillside High! O Hillside High!

    We cherish thee with honor

    Tho’ someday we’re far away

    We’ll praise thee with our hearts.

    We’ll be true forever

    To a school so dear

    You will live forever

    Through all eternity.



    Dear old Hillside how we love thee

    How we love the blue and white,

    From us thy name shall never depart,

    Never will it die.

    Our hearts are gleeful,

    Filled with joy and pride,

    Your memory lingers always

    Three cheers, three cheers for

    Hillside High.


    Upon the hill dear Hillside High,

    With courage we proclaim thee

    We your sons and daughters too, are

    Always true to you.

    We’ll forever love thee

    Yours a lasting name

    It will be our duty

    To always keep your fame.


    Repeat Chorus


  • School's Mascot: Hornet
    School's Colors: Navy, White, and Silver