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    The mission of the Hillside High School Student Services Department is to provide a comprehensive and developmentally sound guidance program that addresses the academic, career, and personal/social development of all our students. It is our mission to collaborate with educational and community stakeholders in order to provide support, create programs, and present opportunities that help students discover and nurture their skills and talents in their quest to visualize and achieve their goals in order to become positive and productive citizens in our society.

    Student Services Philosophy
    1. Facilitate student development in the areas of:
      • Academic Development
      • Personal and Social Development 
      • Career Development
    2. Be ethically and culturally responsible when interacting with students and parents    treating each other with dignity and worth.  Consistently advocating on their behalf serving as liaison with teachers, adminstrators, parents, etc.
    3. Promote student achievement beyond high school graduation by developing post-secondary plans allowing them to continue in their pursuit in becoming responsible citizens in the 21st century.
    4. Continue in the development of a conprehensive school counseling program, in accordance with the ASCA National Model, that provides responsive and individual services, that is data driven, collaborative, evaluative, and aligned with the mission of Hillside High School.


    Counselors are divided by grade level.  The current counselor assignment is as follows:

    Ms. Lakisha Bostick - 9th grade 

    Ms. Cherelle Lee - 10th grade

    Mrs. Roxie Sutton - 11th grade

    TBD - 12th grade

    Mr.  Austin Hogan- Senior Coordinator and AVID Counselor


    What are the office hours?
    The Student Services office hours are 8:30AM-4:30PM daily.  For meetings after 3PM, please schedule an appointment.


    What is the best time/way to get in contact with a counselor?
    The best way for parents to contact counselors is via phone at their individual extensions or by email at firstname.lastname@hillsidehornets.net

    The best time for students to see counselors is at lunchtime.  If they require an in-depth consultation, a counselor will schedule an appointment for them or call them out of class at an appropriate time.


    If my assigned counselor is not available, can I be assisted by another counselor?
    This depends on what you need assistance with and the availability of the other counselors.  You can be advised if you call or stop by the Student Services Office.


    Do counselor assignments change yearly?
    Counselor assignments depend on school/administration decisions.  Currently, all students are assigned a counselor based on grade level.