Blog Post #7: The School for Creative Studies

Posted by Crystal Kimpson Roberts on 12/19/2022

School for Creative Studies

Renee Price, Principal (retired)

Current Principal is Chaundra Clay


Students at the Center for Creative Studies are attending the school of their dreams– their career dreams that is. The year-round school–where the vision is “There is no box”--is open to sixth through twelfth grade students who want to pursue their creative ambitions.

Teachers help to recruit candidates for whom the school is the perfect fit by serving on the interview committee alongside Instructional Assistants and office staff.

“Everybody is a part of this community,” said Principal Renee Price. “Students come to know that everyone here cares about your achievement.”  Price’s expectation also means that “everybody can correct you,” she says. “There are high expectations with a high level of support.”

The teaching philosophy at this calendar and theme school is to acknowledge that the students’ strengths are the focal points. 

“We teach to strengths not deficits, and fill in the gaps with support,” said Price.

One of the ways that strengths are recognized and reinforced is a recognition of two to three students each month, spotlighting students who personify the school’s mission of “Creativity. Communication. Collaboration. Community.” 

Its theme centers on applied creativity, media, design, and communication arts. The program of study features coursework selections including Creative Entrepreneurship & Marketing, Digital Media & Design, Video Technology & Communications, Design for Living: Architectural Design, Music & Audio Production, Visual Arts, Healthful Living/Outdoor Education, and Spanish.


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