Club Name Advisor Name (last name, first name) Co-advisor Name (last name, first name) Day Time Club description/requirements Advisor email MS, HS, or MS/HS?
ACT Club Ramsey, Blair   Wednesday After School All are welcome. Peer tutoring, preparation, and support for students studying for the ACT.    
ASL Club Christine Betts   Thursday After School American Sign Language at DSA is an organization focused on learning about ASL and its culture through instruction, practice, community involvement, and events. MS/HS
Black Student Union Maye, Felicia Looking Not sure yet. After School Support group for black students and allies. MS/HS
Brain Games LeMay, Alex   Wednesday After School HS only, small team trivia and academic knowledge competative team playing on WRAL Brain Games. Must be willing to make practices on Wednesday afternoons and be available for the 1-4 Saturdays TBD for off-campus studio competitions. HS
Chamber Music Meek, Kayla   Tuesday After School This club is for young musicians who would like to participate in small ensembles, listen to each other perform, and get experience out of a large ensemble context. Students must be enrolled in a music elective to participate, and it will be centered around instrumental musicians. Committed musicians of all levels are welcome, with an emphasis on peer support for young musicians seeking feedback.    
Crafting Club Brown, Katherine   Tuesday After School Bring your own crafts and materials MS/HS
Crossing the Divide Yelverton, Phillip   Wednesday After School Open-forum discussion group concerning potentially divisive political/social issues. Aims to bring together opposing viewpoints in a civil and sympathetic environment. No requirements. HS
DSA Mountain Bike Team Huggins, Christopher   Tuesday After School The DSA Mountain Team is affiliated with the National Interscholastic Cycling Association (NICA) We teach and promote mountain biking, good health, and sportsmanship to all grade levels at DSA. MS/HS
DSA Mural Club Watson, Jack   Wednesday After School The DSA Mural Club will bring together students at all levels who are interested in contributing to mural projects on campus and in the community. Students will view and discuss examples of mural projects and will learn how to create public artworks that have meaning and give voice to a community. MS/HS
Dungeons & Dragons Ken Templeton   Tuesday After School Open to anyone who is interested in playing Dungeons & Dragons! We meet in room T116 every Tuesday after school. MS/HS
Fall Art Festival Student Ambassadors & Volunteers Santibanez, Amber Casey Parker (substitute and off campus volunteer) & Anna Scotton Thursday After School These students lead volunteers and community members in planning and facilitating the annual Fall Art Festival: Dia de los Muertos.; MS/HS
French Honor Society Hemsptead, Jeannine   Thursday Before School By invitation to high school students having completed at least three semesters of French. Invitation is based on demonstrated excellence in French, academic integrity and honorable conduct at school.    
Garden Club Maurer, Elijah   Friday After School open and welcoming to all!    
Green Club Kathryn Monroe n/a Wednesday After School Working to make DSA a cleaner environment and hosting green campus initiatives. We want it to be less of a commitment for students but a good way for people to practice more environmentally friendly habits and get involved with small but impactful efforts. HS
HOMIES Fahey, Michelle Johnson, Robert Friday After School A club that works to build friendships between students in DSA’s AU (Autism) Special Programs classes and their high school peers. HS
HS Battle of the Books Gugino, Kim Moerhke, Hannah Thursday Before School High School Battle of the Books    
Jesus Club Ervin, Chad   Monday After School Middle or High school students, open to anyone who wants to come    
Key Club Reeves, Abbey   Wednesday After School This is a high school community service club with hours requirements that is meant to promote community engagement, as well as communication and collaboration with like-minded students and faculty. Yearly dues are $13.50. HS
Lambda Zeta Chi Marla Bullock Jordan Parker. Shamari Allen. Kailyn Meetings vary. After School None. Must undergo admission process HS
Lambda Zeta Chi Bullock, Marla   Wednesday after school or during lunch Lambda Zeta Chi is a high school sorority aimed at building leadership in minority female students while serving the school and local community and mentoring younger female students. HS
Latinx Student U Mace, Leslie Crispell, Amber Wednesday After School Student led conversation about equity issues prevalent to Latinx students at DSA    
Medicine&Mentors Monserate, Sabrina   Thursdays, every other week After School Medicine&Mentors is an after-school club for middle school students of color who are interested in medicine. We plan to have guests from the medical field in our community come in to talk about their careers. MS
MS Battle of the Books Gugino, Kim Gore, Diane Tuesday Before School Middle School Battle of the Books    
Mu Alpha Theta Math Honor Society Buchanan, Amy Hamilton, Danielle Friday Before School We are a math club that participates in math competitions, provides peer tutoring, and hosts school-wide events, such as Pi Day Celebrations. Any high school student may join as an associate. To be an official Mu Alpha Theta member, students must have at least a 3.0 in math and be enrolled in Math 3 or higher. and HS
Nature Notes Scotton, Anna   Tuesday After School This club is open to high schoolers interested in combining art and science through the observation of nature. Each club member will practice nature journaling, in which students can combine sketching, creative writing, and ecology. This club will often spend time outdoors journaling. Some weeks will be student lead as to what natural phenomena we are observing and journaling about and other weeks will be guided by Ms. Scotton. No background or specific skills required! HS
Philosophy & Debate Pruitt, Kristen   TBD TBD Discuss interesting hypothetical scenarios and determine the most ethical course of action. Debate your viewpoint and have interesting discussions.  
Quiz Bowl Wilson, Sean Boone, Samantha Wednesday After School Quiz Bowl is a competitive trivia organization that competes against other schools across North Carolina. HS
SALT (Student Athlete Leadership Team) Green Amy   1x month whatever is easiest but also sometimes lunch Athletes JR/SR leaders could be captains, Coach or AD recommended; will not be a t HS , Jr/Sr captain athletes, by invitation only
Science Olympiad Ware, Spencer   Thursday After School Science competition club. Students are expected to compete in regional contest next Spring, potentially going to State contest afterward. I'm also not sure that we'll meet on Thursdays yet. MS and HS, mostly HS historically
Sociedad Honoraria Hispánica (Spanish Honor Society) Keever, Joseph   TBD TBD SHH is a service club dedicated to the Latinx communities and cultures. We will have an interest meeting to go over the many qualifications for membership.    
Student Council Mace, Lesley Nile, Amber Monday (subject to change based on availability and specific committees) After school Come regularly! HS/MS
Sunrise Movement Linton, Whitney   Tuesday After School Focused on finding solutions to climate change through advocacy.    
Tabletop Club Passer, Rachal   Thursday After School This club will allow students to play board games, card games like magic the gathering, and dungeons and dragons. MS and HS
Tri-M Music Honors Society Townsend, Susan Amos, Allen Walker, Joey Cecil, Lucas Wednesday Before School Must be in a music pathway, and have a A in your music pathway as well as an A or B average in all other classes HS
Troupe 5765 Winchester, Kristin Lawrence, Todd The weekly day is dependent on what role you are playing in the production or on the tech team Rehearsals are after school, some tech crews meet before school. Please email Ms. Winchester for the Handbook for Theatre HS
Ultimate Frisbee Passer, Rachal   Tuesday After School This club is for the Ultimate Frisbee team and people interested in ultimate frisbee. We will meet once a month. HS
Writing Club Moehrke, Hannah Yelverton, Phillip Tuesday Both before and after school (Tuesday 3:20 - 4:20 and Friday 7:45 - 8:20) Have an interest in writing and willing to spend time creating, collaborating, and sharing out works! There is time to both have fun and work on pieces that may be written outside of core classes. This club is not directly related to the writing pathway; any high school student is welcome to join!, HS
Youth in Politics Club Pruitt, Kristen   Thursday After School High School club for discussion of political events, research into elections, and generating youth interest in politics. HS