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Online Children's Book Read Alouds Daily

NCSSM Reads, which will feature NCSSM students, staff, faculty, and alumni reading children's books via Facebook Live at 10 am and 2 pm each day here: to help with students who are kept home by the recent crisis. Here is a blurb to further describe this initiative:


"NCSSM Reads was created to help the community during the COVID-19 outbreak. This opportunity came about as NCSSM Service Learning Coordinator, Sue Anne Lewis, was talking with parents from her daughters Kindergarten class. An idea a parent had was to read to the students in Zoom or another method, of which Sue Anne suggested NCSSM students could read. Then the idea was born that many members of NC and beyond could benefit from our students reading. After posting on Facebook, not only were current students interested but alumni as well. Thus, NCSSM Reads was created to serve the greater community and bring the NCSSM Community together."