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Durham Bowls - Saturday October 12, 2019 3-6 pm

We invite you to participate in the second annual Durham Bowls food festival, an event that brings local chefs and school nutrition managers together in teams to create, test, and present a delicious meal-in-a-bowl concept for Durham Public School nutrition programs.


We are also asking you to share this information with your school communities. Everyone is invited to join us at a tasting event at the Scrap Exchange in Durham for samples of the new dishes, as well as music, art, cooking demos, and more. Student judges (prek-12) will award prizes to Durham Bowls teams, and all of these USDA-compliant, budget friendly dishes will make their way onto DPS school lunch menus. If you have students interested in being judges, more information is attached and the online application link is here.


Durham Bowls is one piece of a larger movement to elevate the discussion about school meals and direct the community's engagement efforts in positive, supportive directions for school nutrition programs.


Join us! Saturday October 12, 2019 3-6 pm at the Scrap Exchange


Get your tickets today ($3 for students, $6 for adults)! Ticket sales help us plan quantities for tasting, so we do ask that you purchase a ticket in advance. If this ticket price presents a barrier, please reach out (via email)  and we can certainly work with you.