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Good evening!  This is Dr. Moore-Lawrence, proud principal of Bethesda Elementary with the Principal Spotlight for the Week of January 10th-January 14th.  We survived the first week back. Students and staff were excited and ready to get back to business!  Thank you for your support and all that you do.  This week’s quote comes from Steven Pressfield, “We show up. We do our best.  Good things happen.”




Bethesda PTA Welcome Back Dance Party on Friday, January 14th

Rocky the Bulldog wants you to come celebrate the new year with PTA with dancing and fun.  Admission is $6 and includes dance admission and PTA membership. If you are already a Bethesda PTA member, your child gets in free.  PTA will also sell snacks and trinkets so please send extra money. A student is not allowed to attend unless the student has turned in the money and permission form.  Due to COVID protocol, we are only able to have 50 students attend each dance. Also, parents are not allowed to attend. Please note that all attending will be masked unless eating or drinking in the cafeteria.  The K-2 dance is at 12 and the 3-5 dance is at 1. Please remember that we only have 50 slots for each dance so get your money and permission form in on Monday.


Friday, January 14th

Quarter Two ends Friday.  Please make sure that you have checked in with your child’s teacher about your child’s progress.


Week of January 17th-January 21st

Looking ahead to the week of January 17th, students are out of school Monday, January 17th for the Dr. Martin Luther King Jr Holiday and Tuesday, January 18th and Wednesday, January 19th for teacher workdays.


COVID Protocol

Thanks for your support with all COVID protocol including checking your child’s temperature and wellness before leaving home, ensuring your child has a properly fitting mask, and notifying us if your child has a positive COVID test or is in close contact with someone who does. If your child is not feeling well, please keep your child at home. Please note that DPS is following the CDC guidance of five day quarantine periods instead of ten.  If you need information about where to get tested or where to get the vaccination, please contact the main office at 919-560-3904.


If you signed your child up for weekly COVID-19 testing, students will be tested Friday.  You still have time to register your child for weekly COVID-19 testing. The link can be found in your email copy of this message, on Class Dojo, on our website, and on social media. Register your student today with this link:

Thank you for all you do and for reading this message! Have a great evening!