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Good evening! This is Dr. Moore-Lawrence, proud principal of Bethesda Elementary with the Principal Spotlight for the Week of September 26th-October 2nd. 

ML’s Moment of Motivation: You Matter

While parenting is an amazing journey, let’s be honest…sometimes we have hard days, sometimes we have hard weeks, sometimes we have hard months, and sometimes we have hard years. SO…what keeps us going??? We keep going because we know that we matter.

Think about the impact you have on your child. You matter but sometimes you easily forget it. When you’re having one of those tough days, weeks, months, or years, repeat and remember this…

Repeat After Me…

I matter.

I make a difference in my child’s life.

I am a terrific parent.

I’ve got this.

Taking care of myself is important and necessary.





Daily Parent COVID Protocol Checklist

  • I check my child’s temperature before my child leaves for school. If it’s 99.9 or higher, I keep my child home.
  • If my child is experiencing a headache, nausea, diarrhea, vomiting, fever or chills, body aches, sore throat, cough, runny nose, sneezing, shortness of breath or difficulty breathing, congestion, or other like symptoms, I keep my child home until they have a negative COVID test or get a note from the doctor indicating that it is not COVID related. If I choose not to have my child tested or seen by the doctor, I quarantine my child for ten days.
  • I make sure my child’s mask properly fits.
  • If my child is in close contact with someone who tests positive, I quarantine my child for ten days.
  • If my child tests positive for COVID, I immediately contact Dr. Moore-Lawrence via email, Class Dojo, or phone. I also send her the official copy of the test results.

Have you joined Bethesda’s PTA?

Membership is only $6 and goes towards helping our students, staff, and families. All families are asked to join by October 1st. You can pay online at


The PTA has a goal to name our mascot, the bulldog, but needs your help! PTA is inviting students to submit name suggestions.


Here is how you can help...

  • Step 1: During morning meeting classmates will come up with suggestions for a name.
  • Step 2: Teachers will take a vote of the most popular choice amongst their classes.
  • Step 3. Teachers will then submit their classes name suggestions to the PTA. The most popular names will be plastered on a jar in the lobby. Families, students and staff will have one week to fill the jar of their favorite name choice with $.

At the end of the week, PTA will count the $ and the jar with the most $ will win, thus choosing the new name for the Bethesda Bulldog mascot!


Progress Reports

Last Friday, all students received progress reports this will tell you how your child is doing academically with assessments, class assignments, and homework. It will also show how your student is doing with classroom expectations and citizenship. If you have questions, please contact your child's teacher.



• Bethesda Celebrates Hispanic Heritage Month Sept. 15th-Oct. 15th

• K-5 iReady Math Window Ends September 29th

• K-3 mClass Window (4th and 5th coming soon) ends September 29th

• 4th Grade Reading Retained mClass Window Closes October 8th

• K-5 Panorama Survey Window Ends September 29th

• Beginning of Grade Three/BOG 3 Make-Up Testing

• Students riding bus 199 can return to school on September 28th if they are not experiencing any COVID symptoms and have not received a positive

COVID test during the quarantine period. These students should have completed all online assignments in order to have their absences marked