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Good evening! This is Dr. Moore-Lawrence, proud Principal of Bethesda Elementary School, with the Principal’s Weekly Spotlight for the week of August 29th.  Thank you for listening to my weekly messages as they provide important updates for families. They can also be found in your email inbox and on our website. Please make sure you have joined your child’s teacher’s Class Dojo. That’s where you get updates about what is happening in the class, at the school, in the district, and more. It is also where you will find out if a bus is running late, if school is delayed, and other emergency information.

Thank you for exercising grace and patience during the first week of school. Together, we survived the long carpool lines and bus delays. Please note that the wait time for carpool drop off and pick up will get shorter as more students get their bus routes assigned and as students learn the routines.  Our administrative team will be contacting some of our families this week to share that your student’s bus has been assigned. Please look out for that call.  Remember, if your child does not have a bus, it takes DPS’s transportation Dept 10 business days to assign one. Additionally, there is  a shortage of bus drivers across the district so several bus driers are having to drive multiple loads.  Thank you for your understanding.


This Week:

  • For the next few weeks, students will take beginning of year assessments in reading and math so staff have information that will help them ensure that your child makes a year’s worth of growth or more.
  • On Monday, August 30th, all kindergarten students will attend school for a full day.
  • Kindergarten Open House is Monday, August 30th.
    • 5:00 to 5:45 for those whose last names begin with A-H
    • 5:45 to 6:30 for those whose last names begin with I-O
    • 6:30 to 7:15 for those whose last names begin with P-Z
  • If you are 1st-5th grade parent/guardian and did not attend Open House, please be on the lookout for information about the Virtual Open House your child’s teacher is hosting.
  • Your feedback is important. Please complete the parent/guardian survey today. The English Version can be found at and the Spanish version can be found at


Here are a few COVID reminders:

  • If your child is experiencing a headache, nausea, diarrhea, vomiting, fever or chills, body aches, sore throat, cough, shortness of breath or difficulty breathing, runny nose or congestion, or other like symptoms, your child should not come to school. If they are experiencing these symptoms, they must quarantine for ten days, have a negative COVID test, or get a note from the doctor indicating that it is not COVID related. If you have questions, please contact me.
  • Before your child comes to school, be sure to check his/her temperature and make sure he/she has a mask that properly fits.  If you want to get your child an official Bethesda Bulldog student mask, we are selling them for $10.


Thank you for listening to this message. Remember it is in your email and on our website.  Have a great evening!