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Principal's Weekly Spotlight - 11/09/2020

Good evening! This is Dr. Moore-Lawrence, proud Principal of Bethesda Elementary with the Principal’s Weekly Spotlight for the week of November 8th. 


As we embark upon the coming week, I ask that we reflect upon this quote:  “Children are the world’s most valuable resource and its best hope for the future.”  When I look into the eyes of my son, I see dreams of peace, hope, freedom, love, and joy.  It is our job as adults to help cultivate the unique gifts within each of the children with whom we come in contact. There is so much potential within the students at Bethesda; let’s help our future leaders arrive at their destinations.


Week in Review Highlights (Please note that this list may not be exhaustive)

  • Monday, November 9th

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  • Wednesday, November 11th

o            Veterans Day—No School for Staff or Students

o            We thank our Veterans for serving our country.


Now it’s time for me to shout out some awesome Bethesda family members.  To learn more about why these students were recognized, please check your email or our website for full details. 


Ms. Battle-White recognized kindergarten student Chloe B. Chloe has completed iReady time in Math and Reading each week since September 2020! She has completed 19 hours and 30 minutes of total lesson time in iReady Reading and 7 hours and 7 minutes of total lesson time in iReady Math. Way to go Chloe, keep up the great work!


Ms. Berger recognized 1st grade student Winter G. Winter attends our Zoom classes everyday and remains focused throughout the lessons. She actively participates, tries her best, and completes all of her Canvas assignments on time. Winter also dedicates time outside of school hours to completing i-Ready lessons in Reading and Math. Winter always has a positive attitude and is helpful and encouraging to others. Keep up the great work, Winter!


Ms. Foreman recognized 2nd grade student Joseph DC. Joseph is the top reader in Epic. He has read and listened to over 200 books. He is a leader in his class participation in media. Good leaders are great readers, keep up the great work Joseph!


Ms. Foreman recognized 5th grade student Gavin C. Gavin has shown leadership in being eager to read and participate in Media. He is the top reader in Epic for 5th grade, reading over 100 books. He has expressed his love for reading and it shows. Keep up the great work Gavin!


Ms. Labuda recognized 4th grade student Carlos MP for his enthusiasm for learning a new language. He is punctual and ready with his materials. He participates and asks many questions!


This concludes the Principal’s Weekly Spotlight. Have a great evening!