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Principal's Weekly Spotlight - 10/05/2020

Good evening! This is Dr. Moore-Lawrence, proud Principal of Bethesda Elementary with the Principal’s Weekly Spotlight for the week of October 4th.The quote of the week is “We’re all in this together.” This quote hits close to home as we prepare for some schedule changes for Quarter Two.  We all need to work together and invest in the success of Bethesda. It is when this happens that our common goal to have all students be successful will come to fruition.  Let’s continue to support each other so our students can benefit. On Tuesday, October 13th, Bethesda’s new schedule for Quarter Two will be posted on the school’s website.

Many of you have asked about how you can help one of our kindergarten teacher’s and her family as they lost everything in a recent apartment fire. Please contact the school for more information on how you can make a monetary, clothing, or other donation.  Thank you for being so generous and supportive.


Students should plan to attend this week’s Wellness Wednesday Activities.  This week’s topic is “Building a Foundation for Success!”.  K-2nd grade’s session is at 9:00 and 3rd-5th grade’s session is at 10:00. Please find the Zoom link on the Bethesda website.

We would like to shout out the following Bulldogs. 

  • Ms. Ghanim recognized Kindergarten student Avery S. Avery is a great class participant! He's always ready to share his thinking and problem solving skills. He's always engaged and I can count on Avery to go the extra mile.
  • Ms. Marcelo recognized 1st grade student, Liam C. Liam has been consistently attending his classes. He participates actively during class work and discussions. He takes pride in his own work. He is always ready to learn. Way to go, Liam! Liam was also recognized by Ms. Berger in the same week! Liam comes to Zoom class everyday ready to learn. He is respectful, cheerful, and has a great attitude in class. He always tries his best and works very hard on his classwork and Canvas assignments. Liam participates in lessons and follows his virtual classroom expectations. Way to go, Liam! Keep up the great work!
  • Ms. Marcelo also recognized 1st grade student, Nicholas C. Nicholas shows respect at all times during online learning. He is very polite with his teacher and peers. He follows all virtual classroom rules. He tries his best at all times and takes accountability in his own learning. So proud of you, Nicholas! 
  • Ms. Beveridge recognized 2nd grade students Paris H. & Madisyn M. Paris & Madisyn are responsible and ready to learn bulldogs! They attend zoom classes faithfully and have turned in all work assigned online. I'm proud of you both! Ms. Beveridge also recognized 2nd grade student Landon B. Landon is always following the Bulldog B.A.R.K., follows instructions and shows he understands Media lessons very well. Keep up the great work Landon!
  • Ms. Duncan recognized 2nd grade student Victoria M. Victoria has made every effort to turn in all of her assignments that have been due. She has a growth mindset and is certainly headed in the direction for success!
  • Ms. Culberson recognized 2nd grade student Anaya A and 3rd grade student Nahzari B. for their commitment to learning art over the last few weeks. Anaya & Nahzari show up to art class ready to create awesome art and turn each project in on time! I love seeing what Anaya & Nahzari create each week!
  • Ms. Foreman recognized 3rd grade student Jerry CF. Jerry has shown awesome growth by participating more and interacting with students in class that help make the Media lesson fun. He could teach the class more about Good Digital Citizenship, Great job Jerry! Ms. Foreman also recognized Ms. Palazzo’s 2nd grade class. Ms. Palazzo's class remained in class as I experienced tech issues and started reading and sharing stories with me and other students. They took initiative and showed that they not only are ready for class but enjoy reading. Great job, I am super proud of you all! We will definitely read your special request of The Book Without Pictures that you love so much again!
  • Ms. Hicks recognized 3rd grade student Jamiya MP. Jamiya shows up to class on time everyday ready to learn. She is always prepared for class and has a positive attitude about learning. Keep up the great work Jamiya! Ms. Hicks also recognized 3rd grade student Emmanual O. Emanuel shows up to class on time everyday ready to learn. He is always prepared for class and has a positive attitude about learning. Keep up the great work Emanuel!

Thank you for listening to this message. Have a great evening.