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Principal's Weekly Spotlight - 09/20/2020

Good evening! This is Dr. Moore-Lawrence, proud Principal of Bethesda Elementary.

The temperature is dropping and fall officially begins Tuesday, September 22nd. One thing I love about fall is all of the change it brings—we change from flip flops and sandals to closed toed shoes and boots, we change from short sleeves to long sleeves and light jackets, and who can forget how the leaves change into so many beautiful colors and dance around in the wind.  Fall is proof that change is beautiful.  And boy do we know about change.  A recent quote that I read said, “Progress is impossible without change.  Change makes us grow”. I am grateful and blessed to have staff, students, families, and community supporters who are embracing all the changes associated with virtual learning with patience, grace, flexibility, patience, and support. And I know that some days are easier than others but just know that it will get better and that our staff are only a call, text,

Dojo message, or email away.  Let’s continue to embrace change together.


Last week, teachers held progress report conferences. If you did not speak with your child’s teacher on the phone or via Zoom, it is important that you do that this week so you know how your child is doing in his/her classes as it relates to grades, participation, attendance, and more.


Starting Monday, Sept. 21, DPS is expanding its feeding program to include more hot meals and more distribution locations across Durham County. The meals are available at no cost for any child up to 18 years old—one breakfast and one lunch, per child, per day. DPS is also continuing its partnership with EAT NC’s weekly home meal deliveries for families unable to come to our meal sites.  Monday-Friday from 11 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. in Bethesda’s bus parking lot, families may pick up meals, including breakfasts and hot lunches for the weekdays and extra breakfasts and lunches that can be reheated offered on Fridays for the weekend. In addition, there are 48 bus stops serving meals as well. Check out our website for those locations.

We would like to shout out the following students for being recognized by a Bethesda staff member for being extraordinary. To see the details of why these wonderful Bulldogs were recognized, please check your email or the school website for the full listing.

  • Dr. Moore-Lawrence wants to shout out 5th Graders Joshua C. and Jayden P. for their attentiveness and participation during a recent lesson that she observed!
  • Dr. Moore-Lawrence wants to recognize 2nd grade student, Mario S. for helping the teacher with technology during the lesson.
  • Mrs. Battle-White recognized Kindergarten student, Malachi R. who shows that he is ready and eager to learn daily. He has shown his readiness as he logs on to Zoom on time with his learning materials ready to go! He has also shown his responsibility as he completes all assignments on time, on a weekly basis.
  • Ms. McNair recognized Kindergarten student, Aiden D. Aiden is a hard worker. He enjoys learning and loves to participate. He is focused and ready to learn everyday! He is respectful, responsible, and ready! He does an awesome job as a Bulldog Learner!
  • Ms. McNair recognized Kindergarten parent, Lauren Dyson. I want to thank Mrs. Dyson for always smiling, being ready to lend a hand, and offering the best ideas and suggestions. I couldn't do it without the families of my students. Thank you so much!
  • Ms. McNair recognized Kindergarten student, Majid S. who does an amazing job completing his homework. I appreciate how he does his best on his assignments. I am very proud to be his teacher.
  • Ms. Ghanim recognized Kindergarten student, Lucas M. He continues to exceed classroom expectations. He has become a strong presence in my classroom by always going the extra mile. I can always count on Lucas to be attentive, engaged, and sharing his thoughts and ideas.
  • Ms. Ghanim recognized Kindergarten student, Amshuman who continues to exceed classroom expectations. He has become a strong presence in my classroom by always going the extra mile. I can always count on Amshuman on being attentive, engaged, and sharing his thoughts and ideas.
  • Ms. Marcelo recognized Kindergarten student, Chloe B. Chloe has been consistent with attendance, is participating actively and trying her very best at all times.
  • Ms. Marcelo recognized 1st grade student, Nasir T. Nasir attends classes consistently, is a very good listener, and follows directions the first time. Way to go, Nasir!
  • Ms. Marcelo recognized 2nd grade student, Araxy C. T. She participates in class discussion, pays attention, uses whole body listening, and always tries her very best in her class. Way to go Araxy!
  • Ms. Marcelo recognized Fredy H. R. Fredy never misses his classes. He arrives on time, ready with his materials, and practices whole body listening. He is always ready to answer questions from the teacher and participate during class discussions.
  • Ms. Berger recognized 1st grade student Grace P. Ms. Berger is shouting out Grace for her hard work in her Zoom Classroom. She comes to class on time and ready to learn. Grace stays focused during lessons, completes her Canvas assignments on time, and participates in all lessons. She is kind and respectful to her classmates and teachers. Great job, Grace! Keep up the hard work!
  • Ms. Skillman recognized 3rd grade student, Neveah G. I challenged Navaeh to show self discipline and active participation in the classroom. Navaeh accepted that challenge and has shown tremendous growth in the classroom. I am so proud of her growth over the past week! Perfect example of Growth Mindset!
  • Ms. Mullican recognized 4th grade student, Kevin M. I want to give Kevin a shout out for ALWAYS being prepared and ready to go! He follows all directions, including having canvas always open in the background for easy access and I can see him actively referencing his notes when he needs to in class! He never fails to participate and isn't afraid to make and learn from his mistakes! Great job, Kevin! Keep up the stellar work!
  • Ms. Thompson recognized 4th grade student, Camarie H. Camarie has followed all of our virtual classroom rules on zoom this week! Camarie has also gone the extra mile this week by asking me to restate the questions being asked in class, and post videos and class materials on canvas so he can take notes. Keep up the great work Camarie!
  • Ms. Boyd recognized 4th grade student, Timothy W. Timothy is a bulldog leader.  Without being asked, he helps anyone who needs help logging in to Canvas, finding iReady through Clever and asks if he can share his screen so he can help someone even further. I am so proud of Timothy!!
  • Ms. Goff recognized Miguel B. S. Miguel has shown great leadership and respect for his classmates. He assists me with a fellow classmate that does not speak English. He is great with his classmate - so patient, kind, and gracious. He has been a great help to me thus far in the classroom. Thank you, Miguel!!!


Have a great evening!