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Behavior Support Program

Lakeview School Behavioral Program


Lakeview School is designed to meet the diverse and complex needs of students who are experiencing academic, emotional and behavioral difficulties characterized by several disruptive patterns of behavior or being excluded from school for violations of the code of conduct. Primary to our school’s mission is to facilitate the overall development of all our students including their social awareness and skills, self-regulation and sense of social responsibility.  Acquiring and consistently demonstrating the skills and behaviors necessary to effectively function in his or her home school and community are integral to the student’s successful participation and completion of the Lakeview School Program.




                                         Behavioral Expectations


Speak Appropriate:                   Use positive language (Refrain from profanity)

                                                    Solve conflicts with positive communication

                                                    Refer to Adults as Mr. / Ms.


Follow Directions:                      Keep Lakeview smoke free/ drug free School

                                                    Leave campus with permission

                                                    Raise hand for permission to speak

                                                    Enter bathroom with an adult

                                                    Walk to the right of hallway


Stay on Task:                             Solve conflicts without verbal or physical aggression

                                                    Go directly to assigned location

                                                    Pay attention while in class

                                                    Remain at your seat while eating breakfast/lunch


Be Prepared:                              Bring paper and pencil to school

                                                   Always sign in when tardy

                                                   Go directly to your destination

                                                   Bring note for early release

                                                   Bring your lunch money


Respect Self and Others:          Use positive language to communicate

                                                   Treat others the way you want to be treated

                                                   Keep hands and feet to self

                                                   Listen when others speak.

                                                   Wash hands after using the toilet





Anthony Rouse, Behavior Support Manager 

Ext. 41241


Serena Tedder, Behavior Support

Ext. 41272