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Principal's Message

Dear Southern SES Families

It is my pleasure to welcome everyone back to what I know will be a wonderful school year. I hope that our summers were relaxing and full of enjoying our families. The faculty and staff are in place and are ready to IGNITE our young people…at a very high level.   We do realize that all of our students are different and we have strategically worked and will continue to implement programs at Southern SES that will cater to the many needs of our students, with the end goal of developing all students academically, socially, and emotionally young men and women that will lead our communities.

The objective of Southern School of Energy and Sustainability is to guide and advise our students to a pathway of university/college, career, or the military. The staff and faculty will focus on having a supportive environment for our students as well as continuing to improve on how we communicate with our families.  

You and your student is the reason why we are in the business that we are in and it is our desire to provide a product that is of importance to you and remain on the innovative edge of serving your student(s).   I look forward to one the best years yet at Southern School of Energy and Sustainability.

Making the Impossible…Possible!!!

Jerome Leathers, Principal