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February 3rd - 7th (2020) has been named "Black Lives Matter At School Week". This morning S.G.A., B.E.A., La Comunidad, & D.A.E. collaborated in a very special way. The event, “dubbed” a “Walk-In”, was a special show of solidarity for an often overlooked social issue that impacts us all; some directly, others indirectly. The “Walk-In” consisted of a “Moment of Silence” officiated by “Miss Southern”, an Introduction and moving spoken word piece by Kolby Black, a very introspective spoken word piece by Jade Green, a performance of an original poem by yours truly entitled “Repetitious Profundity: Making Muta Proud” with accompaniment from Mr. Corbitt on the djembe, and finally a soul-stirring song by Southern’s own James Shaw, III.


A special thank you to all who attended; students and staff alike. Thank you to Mrs. Martinez for understanding that true progress requires collaboration rather than competition. Thank you to Mr. Hackley for serving as our “Master of Ceremony”. Thank you to Mr. Corbitt for always bringing our Ancestors into the building via the drum. Thank you to Mr. KJ for photographing the event. If I neglected to thank anyone, please forgive me. For those of you who missed it, I have attached two clips for your viewing pleasure. In closing, Black Lives Matter every day, and every month is Black History Month.

Video clip 1

Video clip 2