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Covid 19 Testing at Northern




DPS COVID Testing Program Introduction

The brief video explains how Durham Public Schools and MAKO Medical are implementing weekly COVID surveillance testing throughout all DPS schools. 



Introducción al programa de pruebas DPS COVID

El breve video explica cómo las Escuelas Públicas de Durham y MAKO Medical están implementando pruebas de vigilancia de COVID semanales en todas las escuelas...

Durham Public Schools, in partnership with MAKO Medical, will begin providing weekly COVID-19 testing at school to help identify possible COVID-19 infections among students even if they’re not showing any symptoms. Research has shown such testing can reduce the spread by 50%, especially in large settings such as schools.

The testing is a simple swab of the nose and not the test that tickles the brain. This is the same test families can administer from home or at local testing sites.

This is a voluntary testing process, so a parent or guardian must register their student to participate. The link to register is here (paper copy found here) as well as a letter sent home with your student. All testing information and results will remain confidential.