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Senior Pictures Status

We are working with our photographer, Strawbridge on a solution, along with the district on guidelines for taking the pictures. Typically what would happen is the seniors would come, en mass, to the auditorium and wait and swap out coverings one after another. Both of those factors are non-starters at the moment. They can’t share the coverings, and they cannot gather in the auditorium in large numbers. Typically seniors order their personal caps/gowns throughout the year, which involves another vendor, Jostens - so we cant switch quickly to that option because everyone hasn't ordered them nor are they in. So that leaves us with personal clothing of various options, taking pictures outside. As you know it has been very hot and Strawbridge staff nor the kids should have to stand outside in those conditions. 


So we are waiting on cooler temperatures or guidance on allowing restricted numbers of students inside over a much longer period of time for Strawbridge staff to be on site. That requires scheduling with their team as they are trying to do the same with over 100 schools. 


We are working on it but priority is the opening of school first. 


We know it is an important milestone but we don't want to rush it and have it be ruined with something that they will look back on and be disappointed in.