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9th and 10th Grade Expectations

Parents and Students - we have noticed an undesirable pattern of many 9th and 10th graders being in unauthorized locations around NCCU’s campus such as the Lee Biology Building vending machine and other college dining areas.  As a reminder, 9th and 10th graders are not allowed to be anywhere on NCCU’s campus except for our building and the building/classroom of their enrolled class.  This includes lunch time, supervised study hall, and while traveling to and from college classes.  Ninth and Tenth grade students that continue to use poor judgment will receive disciplinary referrals, phone calls home to parents, and detention.  Please know that poor judgment regarding proper location on campus impacts our ability to maintain safety of our students throughout the school day, impact our students’ ability to be eligible for organizations such as the National Honor Society, in addition to compromising students’ ability remain a JD Clement Early College student regardless of your high school and college course grades.  As communicated previously, students are encouraged to bring snacks if needed and a water bottle to school each day.  Please know that our cafeteria also has snacks for sale that can be purchased during scheduled lunch times.  Parents please have a conversation with your children about your expectations of them while at school and feel free to contact an administrator if you have any questions about this.