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Weekly Announcement - October 11, 2020

Hello New Tech family, this is Principal Wright with the weekly update!

Everyone, please remember that tomorrow is a teacher workday. Therefore, scholars, there will be no zoom classes for you tomorrow. We will be working on finalizing grades and preparing to finalize report cards. With this in mind, scholars, I strongly encourage you to be reflective. Please think about an acceleration plan for the next 9 weeks that includes setting a specific goal to improve your grades and design a strategic plan to manage your time and working with your teachers to ensure academic success. In addition, some of you have emailed me about the academic qualification rule related to playing sports next semester. The athletic director will look at your final grades from the four classes you are currently taking for academic qualifications to play sports next semester.

Attention seniors! The Make–up and re-take session for your formal picture is scheduled for Friday, October 30th. You will receive a link from Ms. Hyman to sign-up for an appointment. Also, the cap and gown will be available soon for purchase for $50.00 along with other class of 2021 gear, so be on the lookout for information from Jostens for more details. Class of 2022, your class ring will be available for purchase as well, and that information will come to you soon from Jostens. Remember to check your DPS emails daily for important information.

Lastly, thank you to all that attended the grade level parent information sessions and the PTSA meeting this past week. If you would like to join, pay, and/or donate to the PTSA – please go to the New Tech website and scroll down to PTSA in the middle of the screen. The PowerPoints from both sessions are posted on the website – click on the parent tab. That’s all for now, New Tech!
I look forward to seeing each of you this week in the right place, at the right time, doing the right thing! Stay healthy, stay safe, and stay encouraged!

Thank you for listening, and make it a great evening.