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Social Distancing Break-up Date for Supplemental Instruction

March 20, 2020

Hello New Tech family! This is Principal Wright with an update!

Everyone, as you know, 3rd quarter ended Friday, March 6th. Report cards were mailed for the 3rd quarter this morning, so please be on the lookout for report cards.

Parents, teachers have instructional plans in place for our New Tech scholars. Please visit our website, at the top left under quick links you will see The New Tech Scholar-Up Supplemental Online Instruction section. Please click on this link to take you to the information you will need to help scholars stay connected to their teachers and the instruction that will be provided. In addition, NCVPS classes are still scheduled as usual. Students should be working daily, and Ms. Culver-Daye is available for any questions. To help us help our scholars daily, please remind scholars:

·      to check their New Tech email each morning

·      to work on their NCVPS class if they have one

·      to log into google classroom or whatever learning management system used per the schedule you see on the website

·      to log into the appropriate face-to-face zoom session per the schedule you see on the website

·      to complete their PE and Health project for Ms. Shuler if they have Health & PE this semester.

The joys of balancing our new way of life for now… social-distancing, work, and family! We are all in this together!