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Weekly Announcement - January 12, 2020

Hello New Tech Families! This is Principal Wright with your weekly update!

Parents, if you bring your students to school, please remember as we plan to move our students academically, we need your help with making sure students are in the 1st period on time at 9:00 AM – it’s crucial.

Also, parents, scholars will receive their report cards tomorrow and a transcript. It is crucial that you take some time to sit down with your scholar to look at the number of credits that have been completed as well as their GPA and class ranking so that you and your scholar may discuss an acceleration plan. In addition, if your scholar failed two or more classes, Ms. C. Davis will be sending a letter home for a conference within the next two weeks.

Durham Tech classes will start tomorrow, so please plan to attend your Monday Durham Tech class.

Class of 2020… do not forget to bring your acceptance letters and scholarship offers to Ms. Davis. She will make a copy and give you the original right back to you.

Lastly, everyone, the PTSA needs your help. Please plan to attend the PTSA meeting tomorrow, 1/13/20, at 5:30 pm in the New Tech Lab. Together we can do great things for our New Tech scholars and teachers!

With 2020 vision, let’s continue to Scholar up New Tech! Let’s work hard to finish this school year strong - moving our school from a performance level “C” school to a performance level “B” school, let’s make it a week of A plus Attitudes, A plus Attendance, and A plus Academics! Make no excuses New Tech; make it happen!

I look forward to seeing each of you this week in the right place, at the right time, doing the right thing, with the right people. 

Remember… to be the best I begin by thinking I am the best!