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Weekly Announcement - May 19, 2019

Super Sunday New Tech Scholars!

Final Exam day 2 is upon us. The following exams will be administered tomorrow, Monday, May 20th:

Please report for Morning Exams by 8:50 AM if you have the following classes: Math 1 and Physical Science

If you do not have Math 1 or Physical Science but have Robotics (1st period),

GAD (1st period), CSE/CSP, Entrepreneurship I, or American History

Please report by 8:50 AM as well.

Please report for afternoon exams by 1:30 PM if you have the following classes: AFM, Pre-Calculus, and World History

Please Remember: If you have accommodations, follow the personalized schedule emailed to you by Ms. Van Culin.

Seniors please remember:

Tuesday, May 21st – New Tech Graduation Rehearsal - NT Lab start time 1:45 PM

Wednesday, May 22nd – New Tech Graduation Rehearsal @ NCCU

Thursday, May 23rd – New Tech Graduation 2019 @ NCCU

Only 3 more days until GRADUATION 2019!

Everyone, let’s make it a week of A plus Attitudes, A plus Attendance, and A plus Academics! I look forward to seeing each of you Monday in the right place, at the right time, doing the right thing, with the right people. 


Remember… to be the best I begin by thinking I am the best! Thank you for listening and make it a great evening!