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CMA Receives $11,000 DPS Foundation Grant

Accelerating Digital Equity School Fund

The Accelerating Digital Equity (ADE) School Fund provides funds to DPS schools to support initiatives related to increasing digital equity.

This spring, the ADE School Fund allocated $170,000 toward 28 projects that address digital equity in remote learning. This initiative is made possible by community member contributions to DPS Foundation’s Accelerating Digital Equity (ADE) campaign. Please click here to learn more about the ADE campaign and the many ways you can continue to support our DPS community.  

Learning and Caring Takes Place Virtually, City of Medicine Academy


Learning and Caring Take Place Virtually Anywhere @ CMA is a multi-faceted triangular project that focuses on three interconnected areas where needs were identified for this project. 1: Cybrary - Diversity, Equity and Inclusion collection development, 2. Student-led Mentoring/Peer-Tutoring Program (STEAM: Student Tutors Educating & Advising Mentors), and 3. Virtual Science Fair. Funds will be used to support these initiatives with the goal of enhancing student social-emotional learning and increasing family engagement in online learning. "We are elated and appreciative to the DPS Foundation and the community member contributors for supporting our initiative," states Sonya Terry, CMA ADE Grant Project Lead, Cybrarian/Technology Champion.