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EoY Assessments: In-Person

Since EoGs and EoCs are state assessments, students will only be able take these tests in person, in school, with health and safety protocols in place. 

This applies to middle school students grades 6 & 7 for Reading and Math. Middle school students in grade 8 for Reading, Math, and Science. High school students who take EOC courses only. EOC Courses are Math I, Math III, English II, and Biology. Middle school students who take high school courses must also take the EOC for that course. High school students, remember that EOC’s count as 20% of your final grade as required by state law. If you do not take an EOC, it will impact your grade. 

Arrangements for testing our virtual, remote learning students onsite will be based on feedback obtained from the Testing Intent Survey. We will communicate assigned testing dates and schedule soon.


EoY Benchmark