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Student Check-Out Procedures


In the afternoons, while we are in preparation for school dismissal, we have been experiencing a significant increase in the number of students requested to check out early at the last minute.  Also, we are getting a lot of calls last minute to inform students of transportation changes (bus to carpool or vice-versa). These requests are causing a bit of congestion in the office; while 7th period concludes and transitions to homeroom for afternoon dismissal; also as parents in carpool lines are forming.

We want to ensure a smooth transition from the classroom and reduce the interruptions of instruction to your students. For this we are enacting the following policy effective immediately:

  • Inform the Main Office of all changes in transportation prior to 1:00 PM so that we can provide bus passes in a timely manner or ensure that your student comes to the carpool line, as necessary.
  • Please sign out any students prior to 3:30 PM. We want to give you the best opportunity to get your student and be on your way and it will be more efficient if you have to sign out your student early, that you do so before we are preparing to dismiss the rest of the school.
  • In afternoon appointment situations, it is recommended that you call the Main Office and request that your student is called to the office close to the time you estimate you will arrive to sign them out of school. Your student can be ready to leave, efficiently.

We respect each situation individually and understand if there are emergencies beyond your control that do not fit the above circumstances; however, we ask that you work with your student by discussing/deciding if a change needs to happen before they arrive at school. They can provide us with a note of your circumstance, and we can react accordingly. The sooner the Main Office is informed, the better we can assist with the change and dismiss without issues. If the times above are not met, then our effort to assist getting your student to the appropriate location at the appropriate time will be delayed.