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HVAC chiller failure requires return to remote learning

Today, the district was made aware that the chiller serving large portions of the Durham School of the Arts campus is no longer operational or repairable, requiring students and staff to return to remote learning until further notice.

The district has had contractors on-site to assess the situation and they are unable to address the issues at this time. "With the failure of the chiller, we have no choice but to return our students and staff at DSA to remote learning until we can restore effective and safe air circulation," said Chip Sudderth, chief communications officer for the district. "We are immediately sourcing a replacement temporary chiller, but it will take time to procure and install it."

The district’s Design and Construction Department is working to initiate the process to have the project designed and engineered. In the meantime, the Maintenance Department is researching the installation of a temporary chiller. Neither the temporary nor the permanent solution is immediate, and it is anticipated DSA will be without AC in large portions of the building for some time. The loss of the chiller means the school cannot provide air circulation and filtration that meets our health and safety standards which is essential to protecting students and staff.

We will communicate updates to students, staff, and families about the progress in restoring healthy air circulation to DSA as they come available.