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DSA Virtual Learning for Student Success: Online Schedule 2020

DSA Virtual Learning Schedule 2020


School starts for all our students on Monday, August 17th with all our classes online.  Students will have structured scheduled teacher-led, face-to-face online classes daily with attendance taken and graded assignments.  In addition to our online scheduled classes, we will provide support periods and tutoring opportunities to ensure that our students are successful.  Our Wellness Wednesdays students will have asynchronous non-direct instructional assignments and social and emotional learning activities that we will provide to support our students.  Such activities will include counselors meeting with grade levels and classes of students, club meetings, advisory groups, class meetings, and student celebration events.  Even though we are not starting our school year on our campus in our classrooms, we are confident that we can provide our students with a high quality online educational experience.  We will continue to provide our students with rigorous academics and excellence in the visual and performing arts albeit in the new paradigm of an online format.  We look forward to working with our students starting on Monday, August 17th and we will continue to add information to this page.


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