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8th Grade Celebration

• Families are welcome to decorate their vehicles (posters, balloons, name placards, etc.)
• Students and families will remain in their vehicles and hear their name announced. Students will pick up awards, certificates, yearbooks and pictures at the end of the drive through.
• ONLY one vehicle per 8th Grader. You can bring as many people that can safely fit in your vehicle. No more than two 8th graders per car both sitting on the passenger side front/back.
• Everyone MUST remain in the car the entire time.
• All students, families, school staff and administration will be required to wear face masks.
• Families should have their student’s FIRST and LAST NAME displayed in their front window.
• Families will enter onto Elmira Avenue, then turn left onto Dakota Street. A staff member will greet you at the corner of Elmira and Dakota. They will read your child’s name off the front window.
• Families should follow the direction of the traffic headed through the school’s carpool lane.
• An officer will be at the end, directing you to turn right onto Dakota only.