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LGMS 2019 Science Fair Winners

Congratulations to Lowe’s Grove 2019 Science Fair Winners!  

Biological Science A Category

1st place – Jaaziel Santillan-Castillo

2nd place - Jade Toomer & Bailey Gaines

3rd place – X’Andria Reed

Biological Science B Category

1st place – Keir Wade

2nd place – Tiauna Newkirk

3rd place – Kayla Lyons

Chemistry Category

1st place – Andrea Williams

2nd place – Alysia Davis & Malkiyah Williams

3rd place – Fredrick Wright-Boone

Earth and Environmental Science Category

1st place – Bryson Powell Holloway

2nd place – Jeremiah Frye and Julian Holliday

3rd place – Katie Valera

Mathematics and Physics Category

1st place – Yajaira Serrano Rivas

2nd place – Delta Lee

3rd place – Jabron Curry

Technology Category

1st place – Jamir Timmons

2nd place – Angel Hernandez

3rd place– Zoe MacDonald

Engineering Category

1st place – Samantha Parker Ramirez

2nd place – Carlos Arevalo Caviedes & Victor Orozco-Dominguez

3rd place – Zachariah Williams