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All DPS issued laptops and hotspots will be collected from current 8th grade students and students enrolling in Ignite Online Academy only beginning Friday, June 4 and Monday, June 7.  The laptop must be returned along with the charger and hotspot.  Per DPS, each device and adapter should be cleaned according to the following cleaning tips:

  • Use a lint-free cloth, such as a screen wipe or a cloth made from microfiber.
  • Avoid excessive wiping and submerging each item in cleanser to avoid damage.
  • Do not use aerosol sprays, bleach, or abrasive cleaners.
  • Ensure moisture does not get into any openings to avoid damage
  • Never spray cleanser directly on an item.

Parents are financially liable for any damages or lost items.  Laptops issued to current 6th and 7th grade students, attending Githens in the fall, will be catalogued during the first week of school in August.

8th grade Students GMS Book Return!
8th Grade Students may return Githens Library Books when they return their DPS laptops.  Please help us keep our book collection ready for our rising Githens Raiders.  We thank you for your help and best wishes for continued success as readers and high school students in DPS!  Questions?  Please email