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State-mandated testing information


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Updated Dec. 4, 2020: 

As Durham Public Schools continues with virtual learning and instruction for students, parents and guardians should be aware of the requirements for students to complete state-mandated End-of-Course and Career/Technical Education Post Assessment testing.

The district's Testing and Accountability team is working with school and district leaders to ensure that high schools are prepared for fall testing. We have been communicating with the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction (NCDPI) about the State Board of Education policies as well as reviewing state statutes regarding student testing. At this time there is no waiver for testing the 2020-21 school year.  The state law requires the EOC and CTE Post Assessments to count as 20% of the final grade in high school courses. Here are the possible pathways for students to complete their state assessments and implications for each:

  • PATHWAY 1 = Students take their exams during the expected window (including make-up days).
    • Students receive their test score and final grade for the course.
  • PATHWAY 2 = Students request to take their exams during an alternate window (must be approved by the NCDPI) in the spring or summer.
    • Students will receive an “incomplete” for the course.
      • Once the student has taken the exam during the alternate window, the score will be used to calculate a final grade and replace the “incomplete.”
      • If the student does not complete their exam, they will receive the lowest possible score on their exam which will then be used to calculate their final grade.

Students' scores will also be used in calculating school accountability ratings.

In addition, all school districts must administer all state-required assessments in a district facility. The in-facility requirement for state-mandated test administration applies to all students. They will be required to return to their school building for testing. Because these tests are required by the state, there is no student/family opt-out option. Our students’ and staff’s safety is our highest priority. DPS has already put in place specific cleaning measures and other steps to ensure the health and well-being of all school-based staff and students, and we will maintain safer social distancing as well.

All students will be notified by their school about the testing dates. Although there will be specific test dates provided by the school, we know that there may be special circumstances that require an alternative pathway.  If this is the case, then students should work with their school. We will continue to update you as we near the testing windows: December for specialty high schools and January for traditional high schools.