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Durham Public Schools launches BoardDocs for greater transparency and efficiency

On July 1, 2022, Durham Public Schools transitioned fully to BoardDocs software for publishing meetings and work sessions. BoardDocs enables DPS to distribute information quickly and efficiently with greater transparency. The BoardDocs online portal includes all school board-related information, including meeting agendas and associated documents.

Over the last year, DPS administration converted the new board policy manual and uploaded other items to the BoardDocs platform and trained on using the new software. Enhancing the current paperless, online DPS board meetings, BoardDocs offers a streamlined, intuitive, and easily navigable board meeting and management portal. This final transition will increase public transparency, facilitate access, and strengthen system effectiveness.

All school board policies are listed and searchable within BoardDocs. This allows DPS to save money by sunsetting the old hosting service and utilizing BoardDocs online policy web hosting all in one place.

In addition, BoardDocs will also be home to a library that will contain resolutions and other informative documents from the Board and Superintendent. Lastly, agendas and meetings are automatically archived and can be accessed anytime from the DPS BoardDocs portal. These archived and recent meetings are fully searchable by date or using the system’s comprehensive search feature.

The link for BoardDocs can be found under the Board of Education tab.