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Teacher Appreciation Week | Teacher Interviews (cont.)



Do you have any messages or lessons you’d like to pass onto the student body?


Nigeria Walton

Science Teacher at New Tech High School


I would tell students to not be afraid to make mistakes or start over. Mistakes teach us the best life lessons and help us grow. Finally, words I will never forget that I heard from the commencement speaker at my college graduation: “Success is in the crockpot. Failure is in the microwave.” To me, this means that any victory in life comes with hard work and takes time as well as effort.


John Cappello

Fourth grade Teacher at Creekside Elementary School

We have your back.


Tanitra Edwards

Third grade teacher at Glenn Elementary School

To the students of Durham Public Schools and all around the world, ALWAYS believe in yourself. Know that you can do anything you set your mind to. Even if things may seem hard, persevere. Try, try and try again until you reach whatever goal you're trying to achieve. Keep a positive mindset and stay focused on your hopes and dreams. 


Sherree Doman

Third grade ELA Teacher at Merrick-Moore Elementary School


Malcolm X said “Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today. Students, you are the future of our county and our world. All your actions now will be the factor that determines your future. School might not always be easy or fun. Please keep at it and success will find its way to you. Allow hard work to be your best friend and know it will give great rewards in the end. Be diligent in the pursuit of your dreams and you will achieve them in time. ‘Ad Astra Per Aspera’, ‘To the stars through difficulties’.


What motivates you to remain an educator? 


Laverne Ellis

Eight grade Science Teacher at Lowe’s Grove Middle



My motivation for me comes from young children (middle age) which draws me to teaching and learning.  Yet I look and become excited when students/children show their own love for learning and it makes me become enthusiastic about teaching. Some teachers enter the profession because they are eager to be effective; while many recall or remember people their teachers for an entire lifetime, long after school is over.