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Message from the Superintendent


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Schools are the lifeblood of our community. Following our suspension of classes due to COVID-19, we are rapidly reinventing ourselves so that we can continue to provide our students with those essential academic and socio-emotional supports that
only strong public schools can provide. There is no substitute for full desks in classrooms, for teachers gathering around a table in professional learning communities, or for the thrill of athletic competition. But until COVID-19 is defeated, Durham Public Schools can’t simply make do. We must do our best.

I am very proud of our instructional staff, bus drivers, custodians, school nutrition specialists, and other DPS employees who have stepped up to make our school buildings and vehicles safer, fed children who depend on school meals, and provided students the opportunity to continue learning while at home. I am also grateful for our teachers, principals, and other school-based staff who have maintained ties to their students and families. Our school communities are united, even when they are apart.

This month we are entering a new phase of “remote blended learning.” We are calling that effort “Ignite at Home” after DPS’s vision statement: “DPS: Igniting Limitless Potential.” We are expanding online opportunities, making additional printed instructional materials available for families without online access, and working with our teachers and principals to establish regular communication with students and families.

This is uncharted territory but supported by our school board and community, Durham Public Schools will continue to stand by our students, teachers, and staff. We will maintain the priorities of our 2018-23 Strategic Plan, even though some of the metrics will have to change during this emergency. Our mission to embrace, educate, and empower every student is unwavering.

Thank you for continuing to be a part of Durham Public Schools, and for supporting our students at a time when they need it the most.