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National Principals Month

National Principals Monthr


Durham Public Schools principals work tirelessly to ensure the success and well-being of each student in their school. They are responsible for establishing and maintaining a positive school culture focused on student success; they lead teams of dozens of adults, recruiting, developing, and retaining teachers and staff; they manage an operating budget of more than a million dollars; and they serve as the glue between the school and its surrounding community.

The 2018-19 school year showed the results of our principals’ hard work and dedication with higher-performing schools, strong academic growth, and fewer schools labeled as “low-performing.” 

Eighty-four percent of DPS schools either met or exceeded academic growth expectations set by the state. DPS’s overall four-year graduation rate climbed to 82.9 percent in 2019 from 81.5 percent in 2018. Three of DPS’s four specialty high schools maintained an astounding 100-percent graduation rate and two had a graduation rate above 95 percent.

Principals have played an instrumental role in teacher recruitment and retention. Through their leadership, Durham Public Schools has met its year-one goal in the 2018-23 Strategic Plan of decreasing teacher turnover by one percent. 

“I am excited about the core of principal leadership on display in Durham Public Schools today,” said Superintendent Pascal Mubenga. “This is the team that will inspire our students; support our teachers; welcome our families, community members, and partners; and exercise your gifts to break down the barriers separating us from our limitless potential.”

In honor of National Principals’ Month, please take a moment to #ThankAPrincipal and let them know the impact they have made and how much they mean to you and your school.