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Teachers Get Head Start on School Year

Merrick-Moore and Club Boulevard Elementary teachers are gearing up for the 2019-20 school this week by participating in a Teacher Institute hosted by Merrick-Moore.

More than 35 teachers participated in the three-day optional training that included a History of Durham tour. Teachers visited the site of the “Secret Teacher Institute Game” between NCCU and Duke, toured Black Wall Street, attended a presentation at the History of Durham Museum and made stops at the Carolina Theater and Durham Arts Council.  They ended the day at the Hayti Heritage Center and heard from guest speaker Dr. Henry McKoy.

By creating the Teacher Institute, Literacy Coach Paula Januzzi wants to build a community with new and returning staff, teach teachers who are new to Durham about Durham, and model how to use authentic resources in our community while teaching.

Based on the success of this year’s Institute, Januzzi hopes to find a funding source to expand the program and include other schools in the future.