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DPS Students earn PharmaClean Certification

Through a partnership between Lakeview School and Durham Tech, ten recent Durham Public Schools graduates participated in and received certification in PharmaClean/PharmaSkills. The 40-hour course trains prospective employees on the proper way to sanitize and disinfect labs and other skills necessary to earn an entry-level job within the pharmaceutical industry—and now these ten grads all qualify for a paid internship in biomanufacturing and the pharmaceutical industry!

Lakeview School’s vision is to empower students by using an approach that maximizes academic potential and promotes life-long learning. Assistant principal Dr. Lori Bruce-Jawo and teacher Sean Marshall extended that vision by welcoming students from several different high schools to complete the PharmaClean program at Lakeview. This is just the beginning: Lakeview hopes to grow the program to include even more students next year.

In addition to helping create the partnership, Marshall also took it upon himself to find sponsors to underwrite the $135 tuition fee for every student in the program. 

“This class broadened my idea of the medical world,” said student Kwa’Mae Dingle. “It made me realize how many people are involved in the medical world outside of hospitals and doctor’s offices.”