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2019 Beginning Teacher of the Year: Davron Rorie

Hope Valley Elementary fourth grade math and science teacher Davron Rorie was named the Durham Public Schools 2019 Beginning/Rookie Teacher of the Year.  After starting mid-year in 2018, Rorie just completed his first full year of teaching.

Even though he started in the middle of the school year, Rorie jumped right in to his duties and sought to engage his students and parents.  He invited parents to be partners in the learning process and went out of his way to be supportive inside and outside of the classroom.  Rorie has consistently displayed three essential qualities for a highly effective, first-year teacher: empathy, creativity and patience.

In addition to teaching, Rorie created an afterschool program that has both academic and athletic components.  “Power Up” uses basketball as an incentive to encourage reading.  The students meet once a week for basketball games and practice, but must meet reading goals in order to participate.  

“My motivation to show up each day comes from my students. They all depend on me in different ways. Some need socio-emotional support, some need intensive academic support, and some just need to know that I am here to encourage their academic achievement,” said Rorie. “Through nurturing and building relationships with my students, it motivates me to show up and give 110 percent every day.”

Rorie earned both a Bachelor of Arts and a Bachelor of Science from North Carolina Central University.