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DPS Commits to Students and Community in Five-Year Strategic Plan

After months of intensive community outreach and stakeholder input, the Durham Public Schools Board of Education has approved Superintendent Pascal Mubenga’s Strategic Plan to move DPS forward for the next five years.

“I am grateful to every parent who spoke at a town hall, every teacher who caught me in the hallway, and especially every community representative who participated on our planning committee,” said Dr. Mubenga. “This Strategic Plan makes a commitment of excellence to every child in Durham and reflects the ideals of our diverse community.”

The 2018-2023 Strategic Plan reflects five overall priorities that were determined with the help of a 52-member committee comprised of educators, parents, students, faith community representatives, elected officials and other key stakeholders. Those priorities include:

  1. Increase Academic Achievement
  2. Provide a Safe School Environment that Supports the Whole Child
  3. Attract and Retain Outstanding Educators and Staff
  4. Strengthen School, Family and Community Engagement
  5. Ensure Fiscal and Operational Responsibility

Each priority includes measurable goals to guide the work of DPS educators and staff and measure progress over the next five years.

To support implementation of the Strategic Plan in the first year of operation, the school board also authorized the spending of $5.55 million from the district’s reserves (“unassigned fund balance”). The additional funding will provide:

  • an increase in teacher salary supplements targeting the years of highest turnover in order to make DPS more competitive with surrounding districts,
  • increased compensation for high-priority classified staff positions,
  • restorative Practices Center coordinators in all middle schools, comprehensive high schools, and Lakeview School to improve social outcomes and reduce suspensions,
  • additional assistant principal positions at six schools, and
  • expanded Spanish-language interpreter support for the district (three positions).

Other resources provided by the board action will include one-time allocations to support bringing the district custodial program in-house, provide a flexible per-pupil allocation for school use, redesign and rebrand Lakeview School, and disseminate information about the Strategic Plan itself.

The Strategic Plan draft presented to the school board for approval is available on the DPS website here, with a dedicated website for the plan itself to follow.