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Beyond Durham: Science in Iceland Wows Carrington Students

ice climbing in Iceland   Black Sand Beach

It's a common theme amongst Durham Public School teachers -- a student engaged in learning beyond the typical books and classroom lectures is a student who is learning more, and more deeply. No one does it better than the faculty at Carrington Middle, notably Jeffrey Whitt, the AIG facilitator in charge of the school's Global Programming. His students just returned from Iceland, where they experienced a landscape and culture unlike anything they could see here at home.

"We have phenomenal participation in both our local and international trips from our students, parents and staff each year," said Mr. Whitt. This year, students "were able to explore and hike glaciers, explore craters and live volcanoes, eat local Icelandic food, explore the culture and visit the local waterfalls and Blue Lagoon."

Thanks to Mr. Whitt's Global Programming activities, Carrington students will visit New York later this year, then Hawaii and Williamsburg in 2017. They've also explored Costa Rica and our nation's capital.