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Student of the Month | August 2022 | Andrew Bekheit

Andrew bekheit


Senior Andrew Bekheit is destined for greatness.  

Described by his School for Creative Studies teachers and administrators as a standout student, he’s organized, and adept at navigating his schedule (work-life balance during COVID gave him an opportunity to master Zoom features, organize classes, and spread classwork throughout the week so that he could focus). “All my extracurriculars were all at the same time, so I would move some of my clubs to the weekend instead. Additionally, I had the opportunity to attend Driver's Ed before school without having to worry about missing the bus or getting to school late. 

Noting that he’s been excited about school since the sixth grade, Andrew is enthusiastic about learning, motivated and ambitious. “I have a lot of plans after graduation,” said Andrew

His humility is ever-present, and he acknowledges those who have helped him experience success along the way. “Multiple people impacted my life and made me who I am today. But the one who changed me the most is my Mom.”  

Andrew plans to earn a Bachelor’s degree in Engineering, either electrical or computer, then work on a Master’s degree while working on interning in his field. He’ll continue further study toward a Ph.D. in engineering. He is driven by a sheer will to give back, serving as a volunteer in the community and working toward plans to use his technologically-oriented Generation Z status for good cause.

“I want to start my own business repairing technology and building and upgrading PCs. Once I have enough money to retire, I want to own my own house and give back to my community by being a philanthropist. I also plan to become a YouTuber at some point in my lifetime.I also know that I want to work on designing a phone either working for SAMSUNG or in partnership with SAMSUNG.”

He says his biggest accomplishment to date is repairing a 3D printer. He disassembled the entire print head, and reassembled it with no prior knowledge or experience. 

As he moves through life with stealth, he remembers his Mom’s advice: “If you work hard now, later, you will be able to enjoy your life. Or you can have fun now and work hard for the rest of your life. I know for sure without my mom I would not be where I am today or even have this fantastic award.”

Andrew has several schools in mind as he enters his Senior year. He’s interested in  UNC Charlotte, Purdue University, NC State, Franklin W. Olin College of Engineering, NC A&T State University, Duke University, and Wake Forest University.