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Student of the Month | May 2022 | Jocelyn Castro-Valadez



Jocelyn Castro-Valadez is focused, hard-working, and goal-driven. Currently ranked number one in her class, she maintains a 4.5 GPA and plans to attend UNC-Chapel Hill, Duke University, UNC Charlotte, and NC State University. She hasn’t decided what academic path she’ll pursue but she has made up her mind to carve it out fearlessly.

Jocelyn’s family has a business that would welcome her abilities and talents but she wants to take her life in another direction. 

"Staying in the business would be comfortable and easy but it's not something I'm passionate about," she told us. She wants to pursue other challenges, which is what propels her forward. She is most proud of the grades she receives in her classes, especially the classes that challenge her the most. She appreciates the challenge because she understands that if she keeps trying, that there is a greater reward in the end. 

Jocelyn, a proud Mexican American and the eldest of three siblings, takes time to tutor at school and in the community. She also loves to participate in Battle of the Books.

Her school counselor, Cherelle Lee, says that Jocelyn is undoubtedly on her way to continued success beyond this well-deserving of recognition.

"Jocelyn Castro Valadez deserves the recognition for Student of the month because she shows much enthusiasm about education and community. She wants to leave a positive legacy for not only her family but also other Mexican Americans. She is dependable, mature, self-aware and achievement-oriented. She demonstrates a growth mindset in the classroom by being inquisitive and thinking beyond what is presented to her and searching for other points-of-view. Jocelyn is quiet but effective. When you correspond with her, she is mature and confident. She advocates for herself and is hardworking and honest. She aspires to travel the world, learn different languages, cultivate her artistic instincts, and be successful."