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Student of the Month | June 2022 | Danielle Rosario-Moya



Danielle Rosario-Moya’s ambition coupled with the unwavering support and inspiration from her Mom is her recipe for success.  The Southern School of Energy and Sustainability Senior moves through her days with intention.

When COVID paralyzed the nation, Danielle kept things moving in her life.  She used her time management skills to schedule her days down to the minute, including self-care. And she keeps her mother’s advice in the forefront of her mind, always.

“My mom has always told me to never settle for less than I'm worth. I take this into thought for when I look for new opportunities,” said Danielle.  Her mom is her role model who went to school to earn a Bachelors in Engineering degree so she could start a business in the discipline. When she immigrated to America, she couldn’t afford to start her business so she worked long and hard–three jobs– toward a dream that was never quite realized. Danielle said her success became her mother's focus.

“My mom’s perseverance and her adoration for engineering helped me find my career dream/goal,” she said.

Danielle describes herself as naturally ambitious.

“When I put my mind to something, I feel very motivated and willing to persevere through any obstacles. If I’m not self-motivated, then I usually motivate myself with rewards like a new book, a sweet treat, or playing a video game, said Danielle.

That ambition has earned her a seat at North Carolina State University, where she will matriculate to pursue a degree in biological sciences with a concentration in integrative physiology and neurobiology.  In the meantime, she serves as a virtual math, science, public speaking, and reading tutor for an elementary student. She also works a part-time job at the Cambridge in Brier Creek as a wellness attendant and receptionist. 

Her principal and teachers recognize the drive that she possesses. They note her ability to listen and converse intentionally, her pleasant personality, and her strong communication skills. She is admired for her persistence, her ability to thrive after moving to North Carolina from New Hampshire, and her dedication to her family.

Danielle has big plans for her future: she’s committed to positively influencing the future of others. She envisions a sustainably run dentistry truck that would provide discounted (or free-of-charge) dental services to impoverished communities. Her aim is to donate a portion of the profit to charities/foundations like the Trevor Project, the ASPCA, and the Hispanic Heritage Foundation. 

“I'd like to integrate sustainable practices into my dentistry career, whether it be in my practice location, in the dentistry truck, or at home. I'd like to learn how I could use renewable energy sources to run my truck and equipment, and how to teach my knowledge to others in my career field (so that they can use it too). The more exposure someone has, the more willing they are to experience new things for themselves and be accepting of others around them,” said Danielle.