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Student of the Month | April 2022 | Gabriela Mencia



Jordan High School Junior Gabriela "Gaby" Mencia is forthright and transparent about being a student during this unprecedented pandemic. “It was difficult to balance school, work, and home life during COVID. The most important thing to me was to stay safe.”

First things first, but she definitely didn’t abandon her focus. Her rational thinking, courage to tell her truth, and hard-work ethic are the reasons she was selected to represent Jordan for the April Student of the Month. Her teachers and administrators say she emulates the school’s “SOAR” mantra (Supporting Fellow Falcons, Optimizing Opportunities, Appropriately Responding, and Optimizing Opportunities). “She readily works with other students, explaining concepts and collaborating to learn new concepts. She takes advantage of opportunities to ensure she has a solid understanding of content,” said her principal Susan Stewart Taylor.

Endearingly called “Gaby”, she loves math so much that she adjusted her schedule midyear to take Honors Precalculus second semester. She also plans to take Advanced Placement math classes next school year. And to ensure that Gaby's rigorous learning needs are met, her teachers have reserved challenge problems especially for Gaby to accomplish. 

In short, “Gaby is on track to graduate on time and with options and we cannot wait to see all that she will contribute to the world,” said Stewart Taylor.

Gaby largely attributes how she shows up in this world to her mother, who she said “works hard to make a better future for me and my siblings.” 

She plans to make her mother proud.  Gaby works after school every day, and plans are to go off to university to study and learn the theory behind entrepreneurship so that she can put it into practice and become a successful business owner.

“I want to be someone in life,” said Gaby, who is proud of the grades she’s earned in Pre-Calculus and her determination to learn English. “My biggest accomplishment is being here taking classes, exceeding requirements, and challenging myself,” she said.