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Student of the Month | January 2022 | Edwin Carreon Carchi

Edwin Carreon Carchi


In January, the Durham Public Schools is recognizing two Students of the Month. Our recipient from Ignite! Online Academy is Edwin Carreon Carchi.

As if moving to America from Ecuador just last year in the midst of a pandemic wasn't challenging enough, Edwin Carreon Carchi continues to seek opportunities to grow. Highly motivated and excited about learning, this hard-working challenge-seeker has big plans for his life beyond graduation from Ignite! Academy. Edwin has two very personal goals: to graduate and continue his schooling at Durham Technical Community College so that he can earn his credentials for becoming an automotive technician; and, to reunite with his family. Until that reunion happens, he says he relies on family moral support to motivate him while studying as a Durham Public Schools student in the United States. 

When Edwin moved to Durham in the summer of 2021, he fully embraced online learning so that he could advance in his studies. His school counselor attests to his grit and perseverance, and his Principal notes that he is also respectful of everyone around him.  

"Edwin is a kind, conscientious student who is always trying to do his best. He is dedicated, creative and adaptive. He worked hard at the beginning of the school year to adjust to online learning and has excelled. He is a goalsetter and leader in our community,” said Counselor Jennifer Harrell.

When he’s not in school, Edwin is a student of life and nature. He likes to walk and run to clear his mind, de-stress, and explore new places. Additionally, while COVID has been isolating and fearful for many, Edwin has utilized downtime to strengthen his organizational skills.

“I liked making a schedule for myself, where I put my priorities first, such as assignments that I have to complete. I always tried to do it as soon as possible and take advantage of the time in the best way…when I have not had classes, I have taken advantage of the time to be able to work, for example on a holiday or a break, and take into account what things should be done at home,” said Edwin.

He credits his Mom for his perspective on getting things done.

“My mom has had a great impact on me, because she has always told me to put love into things, whatever it is that I am going to do, that I do the best, that it is something of quality, and although she is not close to me for now, she keeps telling me to try my best to do things right.”

DPS salutes Ignite! student Edwin Carreon Carchi!