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Student of the Month | January 2022 | Jamileth Castillo-Barreda


In January, the Durham Public Schools is recognizing two Students of the Month. Our recipient from Northern High School is Jamileth Castillo-Barreda.

Jamileth, or Jami, is a young woman who not only knows what she wants but pushes herself in order to reach her goals. This mission-driven student injured herself twice this year as a dancer but has managed to stay on top of her school work, despite the challenges of a COVID-riddled environment. She has a simple explanation:  

“The way I’ve been able to balance everything with Covid has been pushing forward and focusing on what motivates me, like school and my family and my long term goals.”

Even her goals to double-major in Elementary Education and Dance show her determination to double-time so that she can get as much done as possible. Her plans are to start at Durham Tech then transfer to High Point University. She was bitten by the teaching bug when she was asked to assist a dance class, and now wants to become an elementary school teacher. She also wants to perform or teach dance, which is one of her favorite pastimes when she’s not studying. She also enjoys reading and spending time with her family.

She credits her ballet teacher, Miss Sarah Anne, with motivating her to become a better dancer and person, and acknowledges what moves her spiritually as well.  

“God and my family motivate me and inspire me to keep moving forward.”

Jami’s family owns a bakery and she considers helping her father with the business a great accomplishment. She’s learned leadership and other entrepreneurial take-aways from her Dad that she will continue to draw upon as she achieves her goals.