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Student of the Month | December 2021 | Jah'Nyia Ross



Jah’Nyia Ross, a sophomore at the Durham Performance Learning Center, has a mission-driven presence.  She says she’s undecided about what college she will attend and how she will utilize her credentials: whether she wants to own a salon after she earns her cosmetology certification or become a lawyer.  But just as quickly, she decides that she can both own a business and earn her JD.  It’s no wonder she has been described as a fierce ball of energy, positivity, and encouragement.  That energy has helped her earn more than seven credits this semester as a PLC/Holton student, while simultaneously earning her hours to become a licensed barber at Holton Barbering. Though focused, she is still kind and respectful. Her teachers say she is a perfect example of a Phoenix: determined and goal-oriented with a great attitude. She is heralded as a natural leader. Principal Futrell notes that Jah’Nyia brightens her day each morning with a greeting. “She is a joy to have as a student because she is so upbeat and positive and because she is a fierce go-getter!” The future entrepreneur and Esquire is truly, in a word, fierce. We asked her who she credits for her motivation, more about her goals, and her greatest accomplishment to date in this Q-and-A.


Q: How have you been able to balance school, work, and home life during COVID?
A: Just like everyone else I had to adjust to the new “normal” but I haven’t really let that affect me in any way. I still maneuver as I did pre-covid because school and life has to be done. 

Q: Who is one person that has made an impact on your life and how?
A: My mother has always had a big impact on my life. I've given up so many times and she’s pushed me to stay on my feet and not give up and here I am with her support , love and help earning an award and sitting with the school board. All because she wouldn’t allow me to give up on myself and also she didn't give up on me. She leads by example daily showing strength and giving out wisdom and knowledge. 

Q: What are your plans after graduation?
A: I plan to take a little time off to find the right cosmetology school for me! Lately I've been thinking about going to college for law. 

Q: What school do you plan to attend?
A: I'm undecided as of right now, still doing my research on schools that's close. I don't want to move too far from my mother, friends and family. 

Q: What are some of your career goals?
A: One of my main short term goals is to become a licensed hairstylist/barber in a full service salon, my long term goal is to take the courses /classes needed to open my own salon one day. 

Q: What motivates you?
A: My sisters are my motivation.. They watch and learn from me so that motivates me to do my best in everything I do whether they're watching me at the moment or not.  

Q: Name one success and one challenge.
A: I’ve accomplished more academically in my three plus months at PLC than I have at my previous high school. Balancing home, work and school has been a challenge. 

Q: What are some things you enjoy doing when you're not doing school-related work? (Clubs, sports, community organizations, etc.)
A: Getting together with friends and family to laugh, play and even cut hair/style hair–something I enjoy. 

Q: What is your biggest accomplishment so far?
A: Receiving the student of the month award!