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Student of the Month | November 2021 | Ezekiel Leak

Ezekiel Leak

New Tech High School senior Ezekiel Leak understands that in order to bring about change, there must be a strategy to organize and mobilize people. This is the reason why he has been selected as the Durham Public Schools November 2021 Student of the Month.

According to Principal Dr. Tounya Wright, Ezekiel doesn’t shy away from the work it requires, nor uses his voice to express that change is needed. 

At New Tech High School, Ezekiel serves as a positive role model for his peers, demonstrates goal-setting and achievement, and shows courtesy and respect to his classmates and the adults around him at school while studying at New Tech and Durham Technical College simultaneously.

“Ezekiel has worked extremely hard all four years at New Tech to be a model student, studying to keep up his grades at New Tech and Durham Tech, help out at home with his mom and grandmother as it relates to some personal matters, be professional at school with his peers who respect him and look up to him, and try to be his own person and work on his poetry. His peers see him as a role model, a leader, a good person with a mature/wise spirit. He speaks out about change at New Tech,” said his principal Dr. Tounya Wright.

Teaching staff at New Teach admire him as well, describing him as determined, impactful, inspiring, influential, thoughtful, empathetic, perceptive, positive, creative, a leader, community-minded, and impactful.

“We all agree that Ezekiel is wise beyond his years! Ezekiel's thoughtfulness and empathy help him understand the problems of the world, and his energy and enthusiasm help him craft and carry out solutions to those problems. Whether it's performing at social justice poetry readings or organizing food drives through New Tech's Student Government Association, Ezekiel is driven to be a change agent in our community!" said Davis Harper, History Teacher, Teacher of the Year, and SGA Advisor.

How does Ezekiel meet his objectives, and who is in his corner?

“I balance school, work, and home by focusing on one thing at a time. Setting aside time for each, and when that time is up focusing on the next thing,” said Ezekiel.  “I have had many people in my life who have impacted me very strongly so I cannot name just one. My family has all worked together in order to make me into the person I am today.”

He plans to attend a four-year college and study Information Technology so that he can launch his own business and his writing career.

“I am a very future-oriented person. Being young, I feel like I have a lot to look forward to as I grow older, and wanting to complete my goals and leave a legacy behind motivates me to keep going. Life is not always easy, but I am very blessed to say that I am doing well and that I am truly following the path that is meant for me,” he said.

We are extremely proud of Ezekiel and his commitment to the community and his New Tech High School peers. The Durham Public School Board of Education is looking forward to honoring him during the upcoming board meeting on Thursday, November 18.