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#WeAreDPS Student of the Month | May 2021 | Grant Bennett

Grant Bennett
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Our May 2021 #WeAreDPS Student of the Month recipient, from Jordan High School, is Grant Bennett.

Bennet is a Senior at JHS and has been recognized as a community leader and a student who serves as a positive role model for his peers.

“What I admire the most about Bennett is his unswerving commitment to “support his fellow Falcons,” said Principal Susan Stewart Taylor. “He has demonstrated genuine care for his school community that is evident through his actions. For example, he is one of our most reliable student ambassadors who helps to ease the transition of new Falcons who join our community.

Bennet has supported our school’s efforts to address inequities in our honors and AP program through serving as an Advancement Via Individual Determination (AVID) tutor. Through his role as an AVID tutor, Bennet has collaborated with an AVID elective teacher to support students who have the potential to be the first in their families to attend a four-year college or university.

“Though some have thrived in the virtual setting, we recognize the toll that virtual learning has taken on the social, emotional health of our community,” said Taylor. “Bennett, through independently producing “Falcon News”, has provided much-needed joy to our community during this pandemic. Our school does not have a broadcasting or news journalism program but Bennett has produced a quality product called “Falcon News.” When “Falcon News” first aired in our Friday advisory period, I was bombarded with positive texts and emails from our school community who were simply thankful for the student-centered programming. “Falcon News” is Bennett’s brainchild and a result of his collaboration with his peers and our Student Government Association. Bennett also produced the virtual tour video for our school that was showcased during the magnet/pathway application period.”

Along with starting Falcon News, Bennett is also the Founder and President of the Jordan Ski Club, a member of the Varsity Baseball team, and a member of the National Honor Society.

“My biggest accomplishment would have to be founding my high school's news show during the Covid-19 pandemic,” Bennett said. “I started the news show because it seemed like there wasn’t a good connection between students during online school. So, I made the show to let people see faces they hadn’t seen in a while and just a fun way to spread some school news. When I started the show, I was working over 12 hours a week to get an episode done. But it was all worth it when I got all the messages from so many teachers and peers about how much it made them smile.”

After graduation, Bennett plans to work over the summer before attending The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill beginning in the fall.

“One of my major career goals is becoming the CFO of a company or going into some kind of hospital administration,” said Bennett. “Getting a Ph.D. and becoming a professor also seems like a career I would enjoy. My biggest motivation is my family. Every day I see how hard my parents work for my family. That motivates me so much to do well in every aspect of life. As well as wanting to be able to return the favor to them one day.”

“Grant is one of the most positive and kind people I have ever taught,” said Justin Finger, Bennett’s physics teacher. “He always came to class with a great attitude, ready to learn and have fun. Grant would help others with work or labs with a smile on his face and always made a class more enjoyable.”

We are extremely proud of Bennet’s commitment to the community and his peers at Jordan High School. The Durham Public School Board of Education is looking forward to honoring him during the upcoming board meeting on Thursday, May 20.