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#WeAreDPS Student of the Month | May 2021 | Rosemary Buhrman

Rosemary Buhrman

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Our May 2021 #WeAreDPS Student of the Month, from Durham School of the Arts, is Rosemary Buhrman.

Buhrman is a Senior at DSA and is described as a positive role model within the school who gives back to the community through volunteering and service.

“It is not often that you encounter a high school student quite like her: passionate, energetic, full of curiosity and driven,” said David Hawks, Principal of DSA. “Her vigorous approach to learning has really paid off for her, as shown by her academic record. Rosie is every teacher’s dream, so engaged and happy to contribute richly to the class discussions/assignments. She really wants to get into some type of STEM career (medical field) where she can help people and make discoveries that will impact the world. I have every confidence that she will do just that because once she puts her mind to something, there is no stopping her! She is just that driven.”

Along with being an outstanding student, Buhrman has found so many different ways to lend her talents to her school and community.

“Music is a great outlet for her, and she is an extremely talented cellist,” said Hawks. “She is a member of Duke University’s String School in the Youth Symphony Orchestra and this has been, according to her, her most meaningful experience thus far. She has played with other accomplished musicians and talented conductors, and it has helped her grow in so many ways. 

At DSA, Buhrman was the cello section leader all of last year, and she also held this position with the Eastern Regional Orchestra as well as the UNCG Music Camp and DPS All-County Honors Orchestra.

Buhrman says her biggest accomplishment so far is being selected for NC Governor's School in Instrumental Music (Cello) for Summer 2020.

“I enjoy working directly with people and I love STEM subjects, so I currently plan on attending medical school to become a physician,” said Buhrman. “The enjoyment I get from learning and understanding new material motivates me to work hard in all my activities. I also want my actions to be helpful to others, so I am diligent in my work in order to accomplish things for the greater good. When I am not in school, I love to hike, whitewater kayak, read, and play the cello. I also participate in the Duke University Strings School which has rehearsals on the weekends.”

After graduation, Buhrman plans to work on the camp staff at Frog Hollow Outdoors and then will attend Duke University beginning in Fall 2021.

"Rosie is a student who brightens everyone's day,” said Whitney Linton, AP Environmental Science Teacher. “She is kind and thoughtful and extremely smart. Her questions inspire conversation and often cause the class to pause and research something in the middle of class. I know that I am a better teacher for having taught Rosie and I have full confidence that she will go forward from DSA to make the world a better place."

We are extremely proud of Buhrman’s commitment to the community and her peers at Durham School of the Arts. The Durham Public School Board of Education is looking forward to honoring her during the upcoming board meeting on Thursday, May 20.